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Now that we have had rain our birds and bees might finally have lots of flowers to feed on and do their work of pollinating.

Bees have had a particularly hard time with the drought and also the bushfires. In our current exhibition, The Birds and the Bees by Liz Faul (until March 1), there are extraordinary paintings of four different variety of bee – Cuckoo bee, Honey bee, Bumblebee and Blue banded bee. These bee paintings, close up and with all their individual markings, have been a great success. All the bees have sold but Liz is considering doing giclee prints of the bees, and some of the birds and the kookaburra painting which sold at the opening ($700).

Giclee print have texture and they will be limited editions of 5 of each image. For example, bees, sm. 20x20cm @$75; med. 28x36cm @$150. The kookaburra print will be large, 40x80cm @ $180ea.

One of my favourite paintings in this exhibition is the Flower feeding march fly, ink, gouache and graphite (framed) and at this stage hasn’t sold. Here it is. Isn’t it marvellous?

Birds and the bees continues until Sunday, March 1 just two more weekends – Fri. Saturday, Sun. 11-4. to call in and see this beautiful body of work.

The website, as you will see, has the entire exhibition loaded and a price list indicating paintings which have sold. Except for Christmas beetle l, which sold yesterday. So now all the Christmas beetles have sold.

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