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Thurling captures light show

Goulburn artist, Peta Thurling, describes her latest series of paintings as “a space for reflection and memory”. These beautiful, engaging, multi-layered paintings are a labour of love.

Thurling describes the process: “These works involve a process of layering, moving works between table and easel. I use base layers of acrylic paint, modified into lightly pigmented pure colour glazes, to allow textural qualities of the surface to build slowly, and colours to mix optically through those layers. Working loosely with a variety of tools to push paint across the surface of the board, I develop a ground of colour and textured patina. This patina reflects interior surfaces of time-worn plaster and wood. From these coloured grounds, I slowly build up planes representing selected areas of architectural interiors, constructing these interiors with layers of acrylic and in some works oil glazes.

“The geometric structures act as sites for the last oil glaze layers of tinted and pure colour. The layers play with the forms and patterns that originate in the projections of light that move over the interior surfaces of my home through antique glass. Reflecting the intensity of light across night and day, some areas are enhanced to more solid pigmentation, others remain largely transparent. Pushing and pulling slow drying oil paint with brush and twisted cloth tools, I remember the repeated forms that originate with shifting light over surfaces and in this process change them into projections of memory and time.”

Goulburn and surrounding regions are home to many successful, exhibiting artists. These artists are supported by organisations such as Southern Tablelands Arts, based in Goulburn, with advice and assistance and opportunities for emerging and established individuals and organisations working across art, literature, performance.

Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, under the directorship of Gina Mobayed with the support of Goulburn Mulwaree Council, is about to unveil the Gallery’s first major renovation since 1991. Grag (as it is affectionately called) supports local and regional artists through a series of programs and exhibitions, including the annual Goulburn Art Award and the Young Artist Award and commissioning new work for its ongoing public art program.

Many of our local artist, like Thurling, began their art training at Goulburn TAFE and went on to further study at the ANU School of Art, Canberra. Thurling graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Painting major).

Thurling’s exhibition of paintings alongside ceramics by Sydney ceramic artist, Brett Stone, is at HELEN STEPHENS GALLERY, COLLECTOR, until December 15. Hours: Fri. Sat. Sun. 11-4 or by appointment. (Stone is represented by Utopia Art Sydney).

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