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Jo Hollier is a full time artist/printmaker based in Canberra, ACT. Her studio is a the Straithnairn Arts Association on the edge of the city.

Jo says, drawing is the basis of her art making. Ideas for prints are born from original sketches. In Insectarium, Jo has two wonderfully graphic lino prints.

In Honey Bee, rows of black and white bees are printed over a background of yellow dots which mic might suggest honeycomb.

In Bombus Terrestris, a lino print of native plants visited by bees in a central panel is framed by a row of bees top and bottom.

The beauty of prints is of course that there can be more than one print, usually in limited editions. There two prints are A/P - Artist's proof the first print and so crisp and clear.

Jo says, even though she loves to paint and collage, printmaking is the core of her work.

It is evident in these prints, their simplicity and beauty, that printmaking is a passion. These prints are mounted and framed 46x60cm $360 each.

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