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Liz Faul's sales are helping ACT Wildlife

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Liz Faul, Indian Rednecks, gouache, graphite d.405 x 505mm.

Canberra artist, Liz Faul, has had huge support for her current exhibition, The Birds and the Bees at Helen Stephens Gallery, Collector.

Faul has spent many hours researching collections, in particular, the Australian National Insect Collection at the CSIRO. Getting up close and personal with this collection of beetles and bees has resulted in the most beautiful paintings of insects we might ordinarily disregard – the Christmas beetles with their colourful and glossy carapace and furry underbellies, the Flower feeding march fly handsomely outfitted in a fluffy yellow and black jacket and then, the Phasmid. This creature has to be seen to be believed.

“This exhibition is a cri de Coeur for the natural environment and the beautiful creatures who share our world,” says Faul who grew up in the Bush Capital, lucky to be part of a family which loved nature.

“My mother was from the USA and was captivated by our beautiful parrots. My father was from Sydney and was always a keen observer of Canberra’s bird life.”

The exhibition continues until Sunday 4pm March 1st. 10 per cent of artwork sales will be donated to ACT wildlife. Price List

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