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Jo’s exhibition, Selected prints and drawings, has delighted the many visitors to the gallery and is also inspiring artists who come to see her work.

We are able to have many discussions about these prints since Jo works along a number of different pathways. For example, there are etchings, drypoint etchings, monotypes and gel monotypes which involve layering images, woodblock collages and several artist books.

One of my favourites – and it is hard to make a choice, is No. 7. Peppermint gum where Jo has overlaid 100% cotton rag paper with a selection of leaves, wrapped and loosely tied with string and then plunged into a solution, which may or may not have been stained with other materials. Once unwrapped, the leaves leave their pattern on the paper. This process is called eco dying. No.7. Is further enhanced by overdrawing in pen and ink.

Jo Hollier, Peppermint gum, pen and ink 100% cotton rag paper, eco dyed. D.40x70cm.

No. 12 is a similar process only this time Jo has superimposed a lino print of a wattlebird.

You can see the shadow of the string used to tie up the package for dying.

Last week I went with a friend to the Botanic Gardens to see, in particular, the Banksia garden which is still being established. We were told that many of the banksias come from Western Australia and they are waiting for the weather to warm up before doing more planting.

A wattlebird was making itself at home in the café.

Jo Hollier, No. 12. Peppermint gum with wattlebird, 100% cotton rag paper eco dyed with lino print.

Jo’s exhibition continues until Sunday 9th August. Open Fri. Sat. Sunday 11 – 4. I’m happy to open by appointment if required.

Come and see it. You will enjoy it.


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