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On Sunday, September 20 we launched our latest exhibition, Insectarium, in our Covid-19 friendly garden and because we can only have four or five people in the gallery at any one time the rest wait their turn in the garden with a glass of wine and, as luck would have it, it didn’t rain.

So, we are off to a good start for this exhibition which has so much to offer. Curator, Cheryl Hodges, a natural history artist who has won many prizes for her paintings of plants and insects, is joined by six other artists equally passionate about “nature’s marvels”.

Cheryl says: Having been in the botanical and wildlife art community for 20 years, I knew some accomplished artists who could paint an excellent rendition of any insect which inspired them. Peter Marsack has been painting incredible wildlife art for years, including for the Australian Bird Guide published by CSIRO, among other publications. Tanya Hoolihan started out painting botanicals, but since completing her PhD in Natural History Illustration, has ‘branched out’ into other areas, including some very fine insect works. My own work is generally aimed at scientific accuracy but I do like to experiment occasionally with different mediums and styles.”

From there it was a simple matter of inviting four other highly regarded artists to participate: Nicola Dickson, Jo Hollier, Liz Faul and ceramic artist, Bessie Nunes – all of whom have remarkable CVs. We have printed them out along with artists’ statements.

Each artist has contributed four or more paintings for a total of 31. Given the detail in each, there is a lot to take in but it is also a joyous experience – the gallery is alive with these wonderful creatures – and after all, it is SPRING.

Here is a sample: Liz Faul’s scarabs and bees, Jo Hollier, bee screenprint, Peter Marsack, Weevil and Cheryl’s Paper wasp and Leafcutter bee.

All images and price list are here on the website but we would love to see you in the gallery.

Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11am - 4pm or by appointment.

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