• Helen Stephens

Closing party

We are having a closing party, Sunday, December 19 from noon and I invite everyone to come along and celebrate the success of Helen Stephens Gallery in Collector over the past almost five years.

We have had some wonderful exhibitions – thank you to the artists who put their faith in this gallery and we have had some memorable exhibition openings – thank you to all the supporters who travelled from far and wide to join in the fun.

All works from the stockroom, prints and ceramics will be on sale - perfect timing for Christmas

This weekend we will start putting works online and happy to take orders online. But we would love to welcome you to gallery for our last opening on Sunday.

  1. Our first opening in April, 2017

  2. David Marr singing Sarah de Teliga’s praises at the opening of her exhibition in September 2019

  3. A Sydney visitor to Ashley Morgan’s highly successful exhibition, Small wonders in August 2018

  4. Colleen Worthy opening Australian bushlands, March 2020

  5. Ian Jones with his exhibition of ink drawings, March 2019

  6. Seamus in party mood for an opening

Watch this space and put the 19th in your diary. It will be lots of fun.


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