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Blown away by support for Liz Faul’s exhibition, The Birds and the Bees.

A large crowd of supporters packed Helen Stephens Gallery for last Sunday’s opening of Liz Faul’s exhibition, The Birds and the Bees.

Artist, Julie Bradley was guest speaker and spoke of Liz’s dedication to her art, her continuing development of materials and techniques and the many hours researching collections, in particular, the Australian National Insect Collection at the CSIRO. Getting up close and personal with this collection of beetles and bees has resulted in the most beautiful paintings of insects we might ordinarily disregard – the Christmas beetles with their colourful and glossy carapace and furry underbellies, the Flower feeding march fly handsomely outfitted in a fluffy yellow and black jacket and then, the Phasmid – phasic a. appearance. This creature has to be seen to be believed.

Oh, and the New Guinea weevil with his cornflower blue booties. Who could have thought one could fall in love with a weevil.

Well, Liz’s supporters did fall in love with these paintings of birds and insects and the red dots were breaking out all over the gallery. Always a welcome sight! And the strong sales means that Liz’s generous donation of 10 per cent of sales to ACT Wildlife will go some way to supporting such an organisation which has no doubt been under considerable pressure due to the bushfires.

The exhibition continues until March 1 and we would love to see you in the gallery any Friday, Saturday or Sunday 11 -4 or if you are passing through the week phone 0406836393. I’m sure to be around.

Helen Stephens

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