• Helen Stephens

A brush with birds and botanicals is coming to an end

The current exhibition which is online only ends this coming Sunday. It was such a pity we were not able to hang it in the gallery. The ACT lockdown was announced the day before we were due to install these beautiful works by seven artists, mostly Canberra based.

Linda Davey, yellow robbin.

Tanya Hoolihan, ecucalyptus microcorys.

Cheryl Hodges, acacia pycnantha

Liz Faul, Not from around here

The artists and curator, Cheryl Hodges have worked for months on these paintings, prints and ceramics in anticipation of the joy and excitement of exhibiting together in the gallery and coming together at the opening. We were hoping that the ACT lockdown might end so that we could have a closing event but that will not be possible. These are the times we are living in and we are all looking forward to life as it was. For artists working each day in their studio and making new work there is still that pleasure and passion. Even a pandemic can’t put a stop to that. So we offer our encouragement and we are forever grateful for the artwork artists produce to enrich our lives.

Jo Hollier, he and she bowerbird pair

Fenja T. Ringl, Snowgum fruit and flowers

Peter Marsack, Snipe.

If you have time to spare and want to give yourself a treat I urge you to go online and look at the entire exhibition. I’m sure it will give you a lift. The gallery is open all weekend for those not in lockdown.

Buying one of these artworks is as simple as sending me an email

Best wishes,

Helen Stephens

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